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    Weekend with the bulls!
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Madrid Baby Bull Running: Braving it With The Bulls!

So you have been handed the task of organising the stag events and struggling to find that key, hilarious event that will elevate you to “organiser stardom”! well, no need to wait for that light bulb moment or surf the net any longer, let us introduce you to Madrid baby bull running! This unique yet hilarious experience will really put the “cojones” to the test and separate the men from the boys.

Baby bull running is a traditional Spanish experience and offers everything you would want from a stag event: adrenaline, amusing, unique and best of all a real treat for the groom-to-be (or maybe not!). It’s probably best that when disclosing your gem of an activity to the lads you explain that the bull is just a baby, so any “boys” within the group can eliminate those horror images from there head!

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Madrid baby bull running is like no other event and the most successful stag activity in the capital. The group will have the opportunity to to go face to face with the horns of a bull and feel a rush of adrenaline that can only be described when in that moment! Unlike a real bullfight, this event is a piece of cake (at least that’s your upsell tactic to get the group involved!) and there is no harm to the animals or the members entering the capea. You will be supervised by experienced instructors who will show you the ropes (Or cape in this instance) and teach you how to control the bull and brief you on the next steps.

Baby Bull Running
Baby Bull Running
Baby Bull Running

Let The Bull Running Experience Commence!

So, how does the Madrid baby bull running itinerary look? The event starts with a private pick up from your accommodation, here you will be greeted by our guide who will run you through the key details and give you a briefing on the activity. On arrival (journey being around 30 minutes) you will be met by the team behind this epic activity who will welcome you with a beer each to ease the event in. Once the nerves have settled the group will be escorted over to the meet the other half who you will be sharing this arena with!

And here we are, the floodgates have opened and you are face to face with the bulls that just like you want to have some fun. It’s up to you to be agile and speedy to avoid their horns (which have been rounded) and make them run whilst you try and avoid being made a fool of! Easy right? It is if you are sharp and fast as these babies are no slouches! of course you will be met with cries of laughter ringside from your fellow friends however, the jokes are only “behind the ropes”, wait till they step in the “bulls” den, let’s see whose laughing then!

Baby Bull Running Madrid: Barbecue with unlimited beers!

After an hour of giving the bulls the run around (or should that rephrased!) it’s only right that we give you the opportunity to sit down, reflect and share the experience. What better way to do this then on a wonderful terrace area with a full barbecue including charcuterie and typical Spanish pork. To accompany this you will be given a well deserved UNLIMITED bar for both beer and wine throughout the meal.

Bull Running experiences can be found in various capea’s in Madrid however, Your Spain Weekend works with one of the finest in the capital. This outdoor entertainment is one that will live in the memories for a long time and ideally suited for stag groups who want that surreal experience. So why not take the plunge and enter the arena of bulls for an afternoon of, adrenaline, hilarious laughter and crazy moments!

Bull running in Madrid: Our offer includes:

  • Your own private transport by minibus from your accommodation (return transfers).
  • An introduction to the bull running experience by professionals.
  • 1 hour of bull running
  • Welcome beer on arrival.
  • An outdoor barbecue for the whole group with an unlimited bar for beer and wine.

Bull running: Additional information

  • Our bull running capea in Madrid is available all year round.
  • Our venue is around 35 minutes away by private transport from the centre of Madrid.
  • Respect for the animals is our biggest priority and none are hurt before, during or after the event.
  • It is a perfect activity if you are planning a stag weekend in Madrid.

How To Book Your Madrid Bull Experience With Your Spain Weekend?

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