Lisbon Water Sports: Excellent Water Sports And Cruises in Lisbon

Is your Stag or Hen group looking for the very best Lisbon water sports? Look no further and let the locals help you out. With its miles of coastline and the estuary of the Tages at its feet, the Portuguese capital is the perfect setting to try an aquatic recreation or cruise activity. To give your group water perfection the team of Your Spain Weekend have put together a complete catalogue of the finest Lisbon water sports for you to enjoy. With our local presence your group can book the best activities at the very best prices and experience unique moments during your stay in Portugal.

Our agency offers a whole array of various water sports disciplines: Jet ski rentals, private cruises, catamaran boat parties, surf lessons, flyboarding, scuba diving, canoeing and speed boats. All of our activities have been trial and tested and we can confirm they the most fun and entertaining in Lisbon. So take a dip in the waters with the very best and give your group a splashing time off the beaches of Lisbon.

To find out more about our Lisbon water sports, click on the icons located below. You can easily book your aquatic leisure or a private cruise experience for your future trip in Portugal. And of course at the best prices thanks to Your Spain Weekend.













Why Experience Lisbon Water Sports With Your Spain Weekend?

Below are 3 reasons why you must absolutely discover our water sports and sailboat trips in the Portuguese capital.

The City Of Great Explorers

Lisbon is a city of sailors, adventurers and maritime explorers. It is from the quays of the Portuguese capital that the maritime expeditions led the discovery of Brazil, the Indies or the Cape of Good Hope in the 15th century. Taking a seat aboard one of our cruises, your group will take the footsteps of these historic sea heroes Magellan, Vasco de Gama or Bartholomeu Dias. You will journey through time and history which offers both a magical and unforgettable experience. Located to the west of the old town, the Belém district was once the main port where ships waiting for their departure to Africa, the Americas or India were anchored.

An Exceptional Navigation Spot

Lisbon is a unique nautical spot in the world. Located in front of the Atlantic Ocean and crossed by the mouth of the Tagus River, the city offers exceptional sailing conditions. With our cruises your group will get to practice many aquatic sports on a single body of water. The banks overlooking the estuary of the Tagus are perfect for novice sailors. You will be able to sail along the calm waters, sheltered from wind and ocean currents. More experienced sailors will take the direction of the beaches of the Atlantic coast where they will benefit from wind and waves which are both fantastic and very regular.

A Unique Point Of View Of The Portuguese City

Admiring the port, bridges and the quays of Lisbon from the sea provides a unique sensation and a feeling of incomparable freedom. Observe the sun’s bedtime from the ocean is indeed one of the attractions not to be missed during your holidays in Portugal. We strongly recommend that you sail aboard one of our private yachts or catamaran cruises. With a glass of champagne or beer in hand you will take in one of the most beautiful views of the port, the Place du Commerce and the old town. It is from the ocean that the city offers all its beauty and reveals all its charms to the tourists. A magical experience to live with your group during your Portuguese getaway.

Lisbon Water Sports: A Wide Array Of Choices In The Capital

activites nautiques lisbonneDuring your time in the capital you will slowly start to understand why Lisbon water sports are a must. With excellent conditions, it is perfect for partaking in aquatic sports and sailing on the Atlantic Ocean. In order to make the most of the leisure activities and water sports available in the Portuguese capital, Your Spain Weekend offers you a comprehensive catalogue of water sports and cruise options. Whatever your budget or level, our English-speaking teams based in Portugal will advise you on the best options at the best rates. Want to know more? So here is what awaits you.

If your group are looking for thrills at sea, we strongly advise you to opt for our jet-ski rides of 1 or 2 places on the Tagus estuary. The activity is a must to if your looking for those thrills and spills between friends. A superb choice which is rich in emotions is our incredible speed boat sessions allowing you to sail more than 50km per hour. So fasten your seat belt and let the waters of Lisbon entice you!

Our Lisbon water sports can be practiced by all (Adolescents, adults and seniors). With Your Spain Weekend the aim is for all group profiles to have the most fun. All the water sports events we offer are supervised by qualified local instructors who live and breathe the seas of Lisbon. They will adapt the courses to your level and share with you tips to progress whilst having fun. Our activities are open to all group profiles, so whether you are celebrating a stag or hen party or looking for a break as a corporate group our water sports are welcome to all.

Discovering the Lusitanian city by taking a private cruise along the Tagus River is one of the to be joys to be experienced once in your life. Aboard our luxury yacht, you will have the opportunity to admire the jewels of the city from the sea (trade place, bridge of April 25, Cascais Bay, tower of Belem, castle of Sao Jorge). Our team invites you to sit back, take in the views and experience an unforgettable trip. Your group will embark on a private getaway aboard our yachts, sail boats or catamarans. An unforgettable experience during which you will experience magical sensations and you feel absolute freedom.

Private Yacht And Sailing Cruises In Lisbon

Your Spain Weekend offers its customers a complete fleet of boats and many cruising options. Depending on your budget and the number of participants, we offer a variety options. From 8 to 14-seater yachts to 15 to 35-seater catamarans and luxury yachts with a capacity of 12 passengers. All our trips include a professional skipper, fuel, insurance and mooring fees.

activités nautiques lisbonne catamaranThe duration of your cruise depends on your desires and your schedules. We offer tours of 2, 3 or 4 hours. Groups who are looking for that perfect half day experience our cruises are perfect. Our cruises are suitable for all profiles and especially those who want that private ambient and party at sea. If you have time, day trips are also available. They will take you along the Costa do Estoril with stops in Cascais, Estoril and Guincho.

To make your private cruise even more memorable, our agency offers many options for catering and drinks on board. Guests can choose from a variety of lunch options and a local wine list. Because there is nothing like contemplating Lisbon aboard a sailboat a glass of champagne in hand! All rocked by the sensual rhythm of a fado or a bossa nova.

Lisbon Water Sports: Additional Information

  • Our nautical activities and our cruises in Lisbon are available all year round 

  • For surfing and windsurf, the best season is from April to November.

  • All our activities are supervised by professional instructors.

  • They include navigation and security equipment.

  • All our vessels are certified and meet safety standards at sea.

  • The departure point of our sailing cruises takes place at the Belem Marina.

  • You can combine multiple activities and sports in one day.

  • It’s very hot in summer in Portugal, so we advise to equip yourself with headgear and sunscreen.

How To Book Your Lisbon Water Sports With Your Spain Weekend

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