Lisbon Boat Cruises: Book Your Paradise On Water

Looking to explore the sea? Then why not book one of our Lisbon boat cruises. What better idea than to take a private or public boat cruise under the sunset to admire the most beautiful views of the city of the seven hills. A glass of champagne in hand you will enjoy a sumptuous spectacle and a grandiose landscape. A sail along the estuary formed by the mouth of the Tagus River in Portuguese) and the Atlantic Ocean constitutes a unique way to embark along these gorgeous waters

In order for you and your group of friends to enjoy this magnificent spectacle, Your Spain Weekend offers you an afternoon in the idyllic sea with both relaxation and adventure promised. Our Lisbon boat cruises provide both private and public options and can be customised to suit.  We offer yacht, sailboat and catamaran cruises lasting 2, 3 and 4 hours.  So, drop in today and find out Your Spain Weekend are the No 1 option for your cruises in Lisbon.

Our agency offers a fleet of boats and catamarans for your sailing trip in Lisbon. With such a varied selection we provide boats and yachts from an 8-14 capacity and private catamarans and luxury yachts from 12 to 35 passengers. Our private cruises can also be customised and adapted to the profile of each group. Your Spain Weekend also offer on-board options for lunch, dinner and drinks as well. Please speak to one of our team for further information.

Lisbon Boat Cruises: Our Four Cruise Options

If you want to participate in this great activity and take in some of the best views of the Portuguese capital, then give us a call today. Your Spain Weekend offer 4 different Lisbon boat cruise packages so that we can cater for every group type. Whether it is a 2- or 3-hour private outing, ¬°one of our incredible public party cruises, a gorgeous sunset cruise or a day trip. Our cruises cater for all.

2- or 3-Hour Private Cruises:

balade en voilier à lisbonne yacht

Lisbon boat cruise packages are perfect for groups who are looking to¬†explore the port and historic centre of Lisbon and only have one afternoon available. In 2 or 3 hours depending on the option chosen, you can admire the main points of interest of the Lusitanian city such as the Commerce Square, the Castle of Saint George, the Barrio Alto, the Chiado or the ‘imposing Bridge of April 25.

Catamaran Boat Party:

balade en voilier à lisbonne boat partyOur catamaran boat parties in Lisbon are simply amazing and perfect for groups looking to have fun with friends at sea. You will board our 35-seater catamaran with all the options on board (barbecue, bar, music) to party for 3 hours. With a banging sound system on-board this is the perfect option for stag or hen groups looking for that buzzing party on sea.

Sunset Cruise:

balade en voilier à lisbonne sunset

For those looking for that romantic cruise our ‚Äúsunset‚ÄĚ option is just the ticket. If you are looking for gorgeous views in a heavenly setting to set the tone for the evening then the sun setting over the Portuguese capital is a must see. With a postcard d√©cor and a¬†glass of champagne in hand this is a must¬†that will forever mark your love story and be an unforgettable memory for your weekend in Lisbon.

A Day At Sea:

balade en voilier à lisbonne catamaran

For those that are looking to take to the sea for a full-day escapade and follow in the footsteps of great Portuguese navigators and explorers, our full-day sea excursions are for you. With this 8-hour option, you will sail on the Atlantic passing the port of Estoril. Then your sailboat will drop anchor in front of Cascais Bay for lunch and a tour of this picturesque town. Finally returning to Lisbon with a stop on Bugio Island to relax and bathe in christaline water.

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Lisbon Boat Cruises: Personalised Services And VIP Options

In order for your groups to enjoy our sea experience to the maximum, our teams have prepared everything from start to finish. To begin with, our home port is very easy to access. Our fleet is moored in the Belem marina, located very close to the famous tower of the same name. It is one of the city’s most beautiful marinas and a historic site. It is in fact from here that Portuguese explorers set off for Brazil or India more than 5 centuries ago.

Once on board, you will have the pleasure of enjoying our exquisite personalised services. Our professional skippers will welcome you in good spirits and show you around your private sailboat. They will then explain the route of the cruise and the various sites to be visited. Then it’s time for action and where the trip really begins!

By choosing our Lisbon boat cruises, your group will get to experience the finest boats, yachts and catamarans in the city. All of our vessels are less than 5 years old and some of the very best you will ever get to experience. Our fleet is carefully maintained and meet all the maritime safety standards. Measures that guarantee optimal sailing conditions.

Finally, we offer our customers a wide range of lunches and drinks on board. Our catering choices are excellent and there is a great selection to choose from. In terms of catering, you will have a choice between our tapas aperitifs made up of local chacuterie and cheeses or our gourmet lunches (starter, main course, dessert and drinks). And, to make the on sea experience that extra bit special, you can choose from different options for your drinks: Tasting of local wines, champagne or even an open bar.

Lisbon Boat Cruises: Additional Information

  • Our Lisbon cruises are available all year round.
  • Our base is located in the Belem Marina very easily accessible from the city centre.
  • The times depend on the type of outing. Short trips (2h and 3h) and our boat parties are available from 9:00h to 19:00h. The ‚Äúsunset‚ÄĚ outings are between 18:00pm and 22:00pm. Finally, our day trips depart at 09:00am.
  • We offer a full range of boats, yachts and catamarans: Our sailboats offer up to 14 places, catamaran¬īs from 12 to 37 places and our yacht¬īs with a capacity of 15 on-board.
  • We also offer a variety of water sports that can be accompanied with your cruises. For example: Paddleboarding, surfing or scuba diving.
  • All our cruises are well supervised by professional skippers.
  • Our cruses are all approved and meet the safety standards at sea including life jackets on-board.

Where Our Cruises Depart From: Boarding Point

Belem Marina:

  • Our nautical base is located Marina de Belem
  • Address: 1400-038 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Telephone: +351 21 392 2203
  • Official website Port of Lisbon

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How To Book Your Lisbon Boat Cruises With Your Spain Weekend?

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    You can also contact our offices directly by phone or whatsapp. Our UK team can be reached in Spain on +34 62 52 70 68. Our office opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00.

  • Write to us by mail:

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