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    Running With The Valencian Baby Bulls!
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Valencia Baby Bull Running: Bulls, Beer and Barbeques!

Looking for that unique yet incredibly hilarious event? Our Valencia baby bull running activity offers just that. The “Capea” as it is known in Spain is one of the most typical and iconic entertainments of Iberian culture. Our event will really test your wits, see who has balls of steel and separate the men from the boys. Valencia baby bull running puts you in front of young bulls in a real hacienda and gives you an adrenalin rush like no other.

The event offers an afternoon of action, uniqueness and most importantly fits of laughter. Bull running which can only be carried out in Spain, is therefore recommended for all groups wishing to have an original and typical Iberian experience. So why Valencia baby bull running? Well to start with It offers fun and an adrenaline rush like no other. It’s a truly Spanish tradition and a stag do must! Putting yourself in the shoes of a real bullfighter, you will be confronted with the horns of a bull! However, unlike a real bullfight, you are in no physical danger as the bulls are babies!

The objective here is to test your courage in the face of small bulls whose horns are filed. The animals are in no way mistreated during games and Your Spain Weekend ensure they work with the best Capeas in Spain. The only risk here is making a fool of yourself in front of the lads when you find yourself flat on you’re a— if you are not fast enough against the young bulls. Are you ready to take up the challenge? If so, find out what our teams have prepared for you!

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Ready For The Bull Running Challenge?

Your Spain Weekend invites you to one of the most popular and entertaining activities to do while in Spain. The uniqueness of the event is what sets it apart amongst the rest. Taurine culture is an integral part of Spanish DNA and a must during your weekend in Valencia. We must advise that the event is hugely popular so you would need to book in advance. Please call one of our consultants today and we will advise you on the availability.
Valencia baby bull running is ideal for all large groups and especially groups celebrating a stag do. It is also perfect if you are organising a team building activity and need a break away event that offers a bundle of laughs and fun!

So are you and the boys ready to take the Valencia baby bull running challenge? Here’s what lies ahead. Your journey will start with our guide meeting you at your accommodation at 13:00. Once the introductions have been made your guide will accompany you in a private minibus to the hacienda where this incredible activity takes place. The site is located 25 minutes from downtown Valencia (35km), near the village of Sagunto. On arrival you will be greeted with a welcome glass of sangria. Our team of corrida experts will then familiarize you with the basic movements and the different games of event. Its then up to you and the boys to enter the arena and show the experts what you can do!

1 Hour Of Games, Outdoor Barbecue’s And Unlimited Drinks!

Once in the arena of the bulls, it’s up to the lads to enjoy the very best capea in Valencia. Your group will be confronted with the horns of our cows which will set off at full speed in the arena. But, don’t worry the horns have been rounded off so you’re not in any real danger. The aim of the game is to show your speed and agility to avoid the baby bull. The event will bring a bundle of laughs and leave lasting memories of hilarious fun.

After more than an hour of games, were sure the boys would have worked up an appetite and a well-deserved drink or two! Well here at Your Spain Weekend we aim to please and deliver the very best. Your group of friends will enjoy a full meal including outdoor grilled meats, cold cuts and local pork. And to accompany this, you will enjoy an open bar of beer and sangria throughout the meal.

Safety issues are integral for us and we ensure that no animal is injured or ill-treated as part of our Valencia baby bull running activity. Our event is strictly for fun and entertainment. In addition, our activities are supervised by professional monitors who ensure total safety of all the participants.

Additional Information On Our Bull Running Activity:

  • Our Valencia baby bull running event is available all year round.
  • The hacienda is 30 minutes by private transport from the historic centre of Valencia.
  • Our activity ensures that no bull is injured during our games.
  • Your group will benefit from return transfers via minibus. With a pick up at 13:00 returning at 17:00.

Valencia Baby Bull Running: What Is Included In Our Sessions:

  • Private transport by mini-bus from your accommodation to the hacienda.
  • Welcome drink (beer or sangria).
  • Introduction to bullfighting by our professional instructors.
  • 1 hour of games in a real arena.
  • Open bar of beer and wine during lunch.
  • Outdoor barbecue with different types of meats.

How To Book Your Valencia Baby Bull Running Activity With Your Spain Weekend?

  • Send a free quote-request online:

    If you would like to book our Valencia baby bull running activity please use our free and non-binding request form below. One of our team will respond within 12 hours with a personalised quote.

  • Contact our team by phone:

    You can also contact our offices directly by phone or whatsapp. Our UK team can be reached on Spain +34 662 52 70 68. Our office opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00

  • Write to us by mail:

    Please contact us at any time via email on: info@yourspainweekend.com

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