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Palma Flyboard: Book Your Private Session In Mallorca

Come and enjoy our Palma flyboard activity and enjoy the latest sporting phenomenon. This new water art defies gravity and allows you to fill your dream of taking part in extreme sensations in Palma de Mallorca. This new water sport allows you to experience intense surges of adrenaline and perform mind-blowing stunts in the air. Once harnessed to your board, you will be propelled by ultra-powerful jets of water and reach a breakneck speed. This spectacular and unique event will allow you to fly several meters high and give you and your friends an adrenaline rush like no other!

Your Spain Weekend offers you the very best private Palma flyboard sessions at the very best prices. Our nautical centre has a complete range of flyboards for all levels. Whether you are a novice or an expert our professional instructors will provide you with all the support you need. So don’t wait any longer and come and live an extraordinary experience during your holidays in the Palma de Mallorca.


Palma Flyboard: Get Ready For Your Flyboard Excellence!

Our events agency invites you to participate in a new and original experience with our Palma flyboard activity. This extravagant water sport is like something you have never experienced before and will make you feel like a superhero worthy of the best Marvel comics. Invented in 2011 by the French Franky Zapata, the flyboard has revolutionized water sports. Composed of a skateboard and water thrusters fixed under your feet, this new aquatic leisure allows you to fly in the air like iron man and surf the water like a dolphin.

Using a flyboard is very intuitive and accessible to all audiences. It is important to note however that being able to swim with a sense of balance is imperative. By following the advice of our professional instructors, 95% of people manage to fly after only a few minutes of practice.

Mechanics Behind The Flyboard

The principle of the flyboard is as simple as it is brilliant: Using the pressure of water jets generated by a jet ski to allow you to soar in the air. The machine itself is connected to the turbine of a jet by a pipe of about fifteen meters. A device that allows you to rise up to 10 meters in height, move quickly underwater and perform crazy and spectacular tricks.

The flyboard belongs to the family of hydro pulsed lift (ESH). There are two versions. The first is a beginner’s device. Here the jet ski pilot controls the propulsion. The fly boarder only has to concentrate on his driving and his mastery of this beast. In the second professional version, the fly boarder has access to the throttle levers and thus masters the thrusts as well as the power of the water jets.

Booking A Flyboard Session In Palma: Practical Information

  • Our water sports and leisure activities are available from April to October 15
  • Our venue is open every day from 09:00 to 20:00
  • The centre is located in the port of Cala Nova located 20 minutes from downtown Palma
  • For water enthusiasts it is possible to combine several water activities on the same day. Consult our teams to find out the details of our “thrills” package which allows you to combine jet-ski, flyboard, sea kayaking, paddle surfing or even banana buoys
  • All our nautical activities in Mallorca are supervised by professional instructors
  • All our equipment is perfectly maintained and strictly respects legal safety standards at sea.

Flyboard Palma: What Services Are Included?

  • Your private flyboard session. You can opt for 15m, 30m or 45m
  • A comprehensive safety briefing with a professional instructor
  • All navigation equipment (wetsuit, board, helmet)
  • Your personal flyboard and its assistance jet-ski
  • If you want to keep a souvenir of your trip we offer an option including a Go Pro camera to film your session

How To Book Your Palma Flyboard Session With Your Spain Weekend?

  • Send a free quote-request online:

    If you would like to book of our Palma flyboard session then please use our free and non-binding request form below. One of our team will respond within 12 hours with a personalised quote.

  • Contact our team by phone:

    You can also contact our offices directly by phone or whatsapp. Our UK team can be reached in Spain on +34 662 52 70 68. Our office opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00.

  • Write to us by mail:

    Please contact us at any time via email

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